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Clinic Status and COVID 19 Notice

Update: Effective March 28th, 2023:
  • I am unable to accept new patients until further notice. I do not maintain waiting lists for new patients. I do not return calls from new patients when I am unable to accept new patients. Quite frankly, if I had the time to do so, I would just take more patients! Thank you for understanding this logic and helping me be efficient with my time so that I can help as many people as possible! Please just keep an eye on this website, I will post here as soon as I am able make room in my schedule again for new people. That may be in a few weeks or may be in a few months.

  • Established patients (anyone who has been a patient in the past) are always welcome to call. I do extend the courtesy of a waiting list for established/past patients who may need to pick up treatment again.

  • Existing patients may continue to take advantage of contactless services such as herbal prescriptions and refills if they prefer to do so.

  • Strict COVID safety measures are being implemented at the clinic and will be explained in detail when scheduling. If you refuse to comply with safety measures, you will be dismissed from the clinic.

  • I do not/will no longer accept insurance of any kind. This includes workers compensation, private health insurance with acupuncture benefits, medicare for chronic back pain, auto policies covering accidents, and the like.