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COVID 19 Notice

Update: January 27th, 2021:
  • The clinic will remain closed to in-person services until further notice. (Acupuncture is an example of something that is done "in-person".)
  • Existing patients may continue to take advantage of contactless services such as herbal prescriptions and refills.
  • I am not accepting new patients until further notice.
  • I do not maintain waiting lists.
  • I do not know when I will be opening for in-person services. The determination of such is multi-factorial. When I know, I will post it here.
  • If you are reading this notice, it is still effective. I am able to update my own website, so you can rest assured that this message is current.
  • I do not know who else might be both open and also accepting patients and would refer you to your favorite search engine to answer that question.
  • I will not return inquiries by phone or email for anyone who is not a pre-existing patient.